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    How it works


    The perfect fragrance gift

    Three gift inspiration for you

    The classic gift

    Gift Subscription

    Send your loved ones on a scent journey and let them choose which fragrances they want to try

    What's inside:

    • A PDF voucher where you can attach a personal message
    • Ready to print and to be gifted
    • Authentic Yuniqu experience

    The inspirational gift

    Gift kits

    You don't like gifting digital products and rather gift something your loved ones can immediately enjoy?

    What's inside:

    • The bestseller fragrances and one color case
    • Ready to be gifted and enjoyed
    • Optional 1 months subscription for free

    The flexible Gift

    Gift card

    Let your loved ones decide how and which fragrances they want to experience

    What's inside:

    • Digital gift card
    • Ready to be gifted via e-mail
    • Full flexibility - valid for the complete product range

    How it works
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