Blend Oud

With Blend Oud you embark on a journey through time. Here, millennia-old traditions of Arabian perfume masters are continued in time-honored craftsmanship, using only the finest raw materials.

The result is an extraordinary perfume collection of pure luxury that knows no bounds and delights women and men alike.

The raw material Oud

The Blend Oud brand celebrates the most emblematic ingredient in perfume history: oud. A raw material that has fascinated for thousands of years due to its depth, warmth and enveloping aroma. Oud is a resin obtained on the evergreen eaglewood tree. In well-known circles, oud is also referred to as liquid gold. This seductive and distinctive scent has always been a sought-after ingredient for perfume.

All Blend Oud fragrances are 100% made and bottled in Italy. "The soul of a precious tradition, the magic of timeless fragrances".