Alex Simone

Alex Simone was founded in 2016 in Monte Carlo and stands
for a young brand in the field of niche perfumes.

Eric Rousseau, the founder and owner of Alex Simone, has memorialized his grandparents with the name. He associates his first olfactory moment with his grandparents Alexandre and Simone.
French Riviera Collection
The Monegasque produced a very special perfume line in 2016 – From Monte Carlo with Love. With the six creations in his collection, he captured his favorite moments of a day on the French Riviera. It starts with opening the windows, allowing the scents of the blooming garden to flood into the house. Goes through a delicious piece of fruit cake on the sunlit terrace to dinner with fine ladies and the promise of more.

The fresh scents that describe the morning, mid-morning and lunchtime were composed by Jean Denis Saisse. With him, the family legacy now lives on in the fifth generation of perfumers.

Bertrand Duchaufour was allowed to devote himself to the fading day into the evening hours. With him, Rousseau has chosen a perfumer with an exciting curriculum vitae, having created fragrances for numerous well-known companies such as Lancôme, Acqua di Parma, and Dior. Since 2008, he has focused on niche perfumery.