Aether was founded in 2016 and follows a completely new concept of perfume craftsmanship. The concept of focusing on synthetic molecules. On quite unusual trajectories, away from natural essences, Æther takes us on a journey to the smallest, thereby presenting us with greatness. The conceptual brand often offers creations that can be combined to create something new. It thus proves that even the paths away from distilled fragrance essences can be a real delight for the senses.
The story behind it
Æther – this powerful word transports a multitude of associations and immediately arouses interest. However, this brand does not refer to Greek mythology – although it probably flirts with this connection well knowing. Nevertheless, we remain with the Greeks, because for Aristotle, Æther was the quintessence. This is exactly what the experimental brand Æther is on the trail of with each creation of something new.
A collection of new fragrances!
AETHER is a chemical reaction that fires the imagination and heals hearts disappointed by too much sameness in bottles and the perfume industry’s turn towards the mass market.

The brand sees itself as a modern pharmacopoeia for adventurous souls in search of surprise, dazzle and art.

AETHER is a tribute by its creators to synthetic molecules and the madness of chemistry. Olfactory kamikaze, elemental molecules that make each of the fragrances explode abstractly. The nose, encountering unknown ingredients, is first seized by surprise, which then turns into clear feelings: the discovery, the first day, the first time.

The molecule – that little bit of nothingness in infinity – is the sacred young muse of AETHER’s fragrances. AETHER is not about floral aromatic explosions or reinventing historical and traditional raw materials. These fragrances are more like evoking metallic vegetation, unknown forests, imperceptible sounds and future moments. These fragrances do not imitate anything, they are new, they radiate by themselves. They spread a magical glow and an aura of humor and mystery.